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Trash Pickup in the City of Seymour

Local Seymour Lions Club Members spent the evening of April 18, 2006 collecting trash along Clinton Avenue (Business 60 / K Highway). 

21 Seymour Lions Club Members (and their children) participated in the event.


Girls Softball Field Gets New Lights

The idea for the softball light project first came about when Pam Workman was attending her daughter's softball games, and the junior varsity games.  These games were often cancelled because there were no lights on the field. She felt that the JV team could never gain any experience if they never got a chance to play.

Pam knows that the Lions are always looking for ways to help out in the community, so she approached them to see if they would be interested in sponsoring a "light up the field" project.  They were very encouraging.

She applied for two grants, one from the Greater Area Seymour Foundation for a thousand dollars, and one from Webster Electric for ten thousand dollars. Both grants were declined. That is when the Seymour Lions Club stepped up.  Our club ear marked two thousand dollars as seed money for the project.

Once the fundraising had a start, she began to contact area business' and other organizations for their support. She knew that Hutchens Industries has always provided great support to the community in the past, so she contacted Jim Deathridge, and they were delighted to assist.  They provided a generous donation of one thousand dollars.

Lion William Pogue spoke with the Superintendent of the Seymour Schools, and he agreed that he would budget the remaining amount in the next years fiscal budget to complete the project.

She approached the Mayor to see if the city would do the electrical work on the project for free. The mayor was agreeable to do this.

A special thank you to Lion Dexter McClung for his personal donation of one hundred dollars. A special thank you to Lion Lee Binley for having the " specs" for the project drawn up by Cooper Supply.  A special thank you to Lion William Pogue for going out on a limb with the superintendent to get the school to budget the remaining balance of the project. ($7,000.00)

Lions $2,000.00

Huthcen's Industries $1,000.00

Dexter McClung $100.00

School District $7,000.00

City of Seymour : Labor of installation


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